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Rockwell Automation, a supplier of industrial automation solutions, appeared at the 10th China International Textile Machinery Exhibition. Rockwell Automation, a supplier of industrial automation solutions, once again showed its latest automation solutions and products with intuitive and friendly man-machine interface, which became a highlight of the exhibition

in the technical exchange lecture during the exhibition, Rockwell Automation made a wonderful introduction to the application of integrated automation in the global textile industry. Johnmccombs, senior business development manager of Rockwell Automation, who has many years of practical experience, also made a special trip from the United States to share with exhibitors and industry experts the applications, cases and good results achieved by Rockwell Automation for OEM users and end users in the textile industry worldwide. At the same time, Mr. Chen Jiaxiang, the OEM Project Manager of Rockwell Automation, also introduced Rockwell Automation's efforts in helping China's textile industry improve the overall level of automation and informatization

Mr. Chen Jiaxiang said: "For users in the domestic textile industry, they have been facing severe challenges in ensuring product quality, reducing scrap rate, ensuring safety, saving energy and reducing consumption. The application of Rockwell Automation's leading integration architecture and information integration solutions is to help users solve these problems. For example, in North America and Europe, Rockwell automation has more than 30 years of application experience in the textile industry, and specially designed needles The special application procedures for the technological requirements of the textile industry and the solution to effectively cope with the sudden voltage drop meet the two standards at the same time, which ensures the product quality and reduces the scrap rate. "

as the No. 1 Inverter Manufacturer in North America and the world's leading inverter manufacturer, Rockwell Automation launched the industry-leading powerflex40p inverter in April this year in response to the textile industry's demand for continuously improving production capacity and production safety. The standard built-in encoder/pulse sequence input interface makes it a real vector control frequency converter with closed-loop characteristics. Powerflex40p meets the requirements of TUV and endriveguard catalog3 for safety shutdown, making it a rare frequency converter with tuvencatalog3 safety certification in the same grade of products. At the same time, in order to meet the characteristics of large radio waves in the Chinese market, powerflex40p enhances the resistance of the frequency converter to electricity and can operate normally under the bus voltage. Moreover, powerflex40p has appeared several positive signals in the economic operation of China's extruder industry, which has enhanced the power inertia crossing ability. PLC controls the electromechanical drive to slide the workbench to automatically move the workpiece out of the gantry. Compared with other frequency converters, it has a longer power inertia crossing time, which improves the continuity of production

Rockwell Automation has been rooted in China for more than 20 years and has been providing the world's leading automation solutions and products for China's textile manufacturing industry. As a major country in the production and processing of the textile industry, China is facing many opportunities and challenges in the wave of globalization. Rockwell Automation will continue to focus on listening to the needs of industry users and OEM manufacturers, further provide users with the most leading solutions for automation products, help China's textile industry improve the overall level of automation and informatization, and help its success and growth

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