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Rockwell Automation cooperates with at&t to build more intelligent machines

(November 17, 2014, Anaheim, California, USA) Rockwell Automation is cooperating with at t* to improve remote asset utilization and interconnected machine management. The two companies plan to provide Rockwell Automation customers with cellular solutions to help them safely and reliably collect and manage industrial equipment in factories and remote sites around the world, and take measures based on these data

by combining at t's global SIM and M2X data, ashokekarmoker, Bridgestone's R & D department, said that the service platform with Rockwell Automation's cloud based service products, customers will be able to connect automated assets and industrial equipment with remote experts in a more secure, flexible and scalable way. In this way, preventive maintenance can be actively and timely carried out throughout the life cycle of these assets, and operations can be improved

the solutions we are building will help change the operation mode of global industrial enterprises. Mike troiano, vice president of at T industrial IOT solutions, said that Rockwell Automation provides industrial expertise and market channels, while at t provides industry-leading IOT platforms, including Hybon (R) direct yarn, innofiber (R) innovative glass, tufrov (R) thermoplastic long glass fiber A variety of plastic reinforced products and all-round industrial and special spinning and communication. Through joint efforts, we hope that people and machines can be closely connected to make business processes simpler and more efficient

at the same time, the two companies are also working together to develop the reference architecture and validation design of cellular IOT in the industrial environment. These tools will guide customers in the design and use of cellular interconnection assets to improve the existing in plant network infrastructure. This will help plant managers make full use of the interconnected machine management services of multiple equipment suppliers without overburdening the in plant network infrastructure or violating equipment safety standards. With the development of flame retardant materials

with our combined solutions, enterprises can reliably connect a large number of intelligent assets in the plant and scattered on the site to realize interconnected enterprises. Sujeet Chand, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Rockwell Automation, said that this will help our customers create value quickly

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