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Rockwell Automation: advance to the commanding height of OEM

in China, OEM is a huge industry. If automation manufacturers want to win in the Chinese market, OEM is an unavoidable position. As a leading industrial automation brand in the world, Rockwell Automation has always been famous for providing users with high-end industrial automation products and solutions; However, in the small and medium-sized OEM market, Rockwell Automation still has a huge market and opportunities to expand. Therefore, Rockwell Automation timely adjusted its strategy and invested heavily in China's OEM industry. Recently, at the 19th Annual automation Expo held in Orlando, Florida, USA, China automation had the honor to interview Mr. duanyongkang, general manager of the automation and control software business department of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd., and Mr. zhongruihua, OEM business manager of Rockwell Automation Greater China, to further understand the development strategy of Rockwell Automation China in the OEM industry

the constantly developing Rockwell Automation

automation Expo is a grand gathering between Rockwell Automation and its global partners every year, so that all participants can understand the latest automated manufacturing technology and solutions. In addition to the exhibition hall that gathers the latest products and solutions of Rockwell Automation and its partners, it also sets up customer training meetings, seminars and many other characteristic projects

2010 automation Expo was held at Orange County Convention and Exhibition Center in Orlando, Florida. Compared with previous expositions, this Expo has a larger scale, and the booth deployment is consistent with the development strategy of Rockwell Automation. With the concept of safety, intelligence and sustainability, it has set up booths such as integrated architecture, process control, information system, intelligent motor and safety. According to Mr. Duan, the automation Expo will pay more and more attention to training, strengthen product experiments, deepen the discussion of industry, technology and forward-looking content, and share more achievements, so as to enrich the content of the exhibition

at the annual automation Expo, Rockwell Automation will launch innovative products to maintain its leading position in the automation industry. At this Expo, we saw the development of Rockwell Automation in two important areas. First, provide an integrated control system PlantPAx for process control, including the traditional DCS market. On a unified system, it meets the requirements of process control customers for network, controller, server redundancy, etc., and provides corresponding process control software packages to make function realization, project management and asset management more convenient. In addition, it can perfectly integrate discrete control, transmission control, servo control and sil3 safety control in the factory. Second, OEM is an important development direction of Rockwell Automation in the future. The various control products CompactLogix and micro 800, which will be officially displayed at the automation Expo at the end of this month, can provide rich functions and competitive prices for small and medium-sized OEM applications. At the same time, the control system of Rockwell Automation also seamlessly integrates the manufacturing industry. Haig continued: our analysis results show information solutions

innovative products through innovation

during this year's automation Expo, Rockwell Automation announced a number of new products, including updated products such as integrated architecture platform, factorytalk suite, PlantPAx process automation system and security solutions, as well as many other new products, aimed at helping enterprises optimize factories, improve machine performance and manufacture products in a more lasting way. In the eyes of President Duan, the most important product is micro 800

it is understood that the micro 800 is a product for simple OEM systems, especially in the small stand-alone OEM market in the Asia Pacific region. Moreover, its innovative modular design can be expanded and combined flexibly and conveniently, and its innovative integrated programming platform makes configuration and debugging more time-saving and labor-saving

in the interview, President Duan introduced that Rockwell Automation provided information software, designed the operation of MES, thought about how to achieve low-cost, fast and high-quality, analyzed and made decisions on how to turn the obtained data into useful information. For the combination of automation and information systems considered by users, Rockwell has done work in two aspects: first, cooperate with Cisco to establish an information platform to combine enterprise management and automation into a real-time network. After the data is processed by the information system, it no longer needs to be converted many times, which can ensure the connectivity and real-time of the two systems. Secondly, Rockwell Automation has the software, products and solutions of data integration products, such as the information management system of pharmaceutical system and automobile management system. Now the application of these design tools can avoid the unalterable loss that must be found after the field operation through virtual design, and greatly improve the time and accuracy

high cost performance helps the overall improvement of China's OEM industry

with the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, China has already developed into a world factory, and China's OEM industry has also been greatly developed. Compared with the rapid development of the market, in the past, some local OEM manufacturers in China lacked design ability and production experience and relied on low-cost manufacturing advantages. President Zhong pointed out that China will not always rely on cost manufacturing advantages. With the development of society and the improvement of social living standards, only OEMs that can provide cost-effective machines can achieve long-term and sustainable development. Accordingly, Rockwell Automation focuses on cost and performance, and focuses on providing customers with more cost-effective industrial automation solutions

President Zhong emphasized that Rockwell Automation will focus on OEM value orientation, launch more cost-effective small and medium-sized control platforms and corresponding frequency converters and motion control products, and combine networking and informatization to enable OEM manufacturers to gain more value in system cost

in the global market, Rockwell Automation's high price, flexible deployment solutions are widely used and developed in major OEM industries such as automotive tires, metal forming, packaging, lifting logistics, metal forming, new energy, papermaking, paper processing and film production

Rockwell Automation OEM team has a history of more than 20 years in the world. It has more than 200 engineers and application experts focusing on OEM, and has established a common object application library in the application field, with special programming templates and application knowledge base. The application of this template can easily help OEM bring the machine to the market quickly. Rockwell Automation OEM technology team and global OEM engineers can share a knowledge base, which can effectively help Chinese OEMs improve their competitiveness, and Rockwell Automation can also achieve common growth with Chinese OEMs

effective strategies achieve the preferred automation control supplier

in the process of manufacturing development, products, user groups and control methods are constantly changing, requiring OEMs to have higher added value. In response to this phenomenon, Rockwell Automation has put forward corresponding strategies for the OEM market, from the early stage of OEM development of machines to the beginning of intervention, together to help customers analyze the positioning of the final value of products, according to different value positioning, Provide customers with cost-effective solutions

in addition to the corresponding product strategy, Rockwell Automation also has its own uniqueness in the relationship with distributors. Rockwell Automation has established an effective distribution system. In a specific field, only one distributor is identified, and a long-term strategic cooperative relationship of win-win cooperation is established with the distributor. Whether it is the system integrator or the sub executor, Rockwell Automation will require them to place orders with the distributor to fully ensure the interests of the distributor. At the same time, it will also ensure that Rockwell Automation, the distributor and the system integrator play different roles in the value chain, achieve the most optimized cooperation and do the best work. Distributors have their advantages in general support and service of products, rapid response and appreciation of low-cost operation process, but they may not be mature enough to provide customers with the most competitive value in this field. Therefore, Rockwell Automation adopts the elimination system to develop more valuable distributors and system integrators step by step. In order to better achieve this goal, Rockwell Automation has also set up a special channel management department to form a win-win development through the development and implementation of this strategy, so that distributors and system integrators can provide corresponding professional value in their respective fields

Rockwell Automation does not focus more on how to develop a larger distributor network, but introduces the OEM business evaluation system into the distributor management to further supervise whether they have made corresponding investment in the corresponding OEM industry and further improve the company's operation. President Zhong told us that Rockwell Automation believes that everything depends on the market. Therefore, Rockwell Automation is considering finding more value-added service providers to serve OEMs, and hopes to become the preferred automation control provider for system integrators and value-added service providers in the near future

oem is a very important development direction of Rockwell Automation in the future, and Rockwell Automation has a wealth of OEMs in the world, which can help China's OEM industry further improve in recent years. It is believed that with the continuous introduction of more innovative products and the effective implementation of various strategies, Rockwell Automation will one day become the preferred automation control supplier in the OEM industry

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