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Rockwell Automation expanded the "machine safety system integrator" program

(Milwaukee, June 30, 2016). Many manufacturers rely on system integrators to design and install compliant machine safety solutions, but they often find it difficult to find the most competent provider. To help simplify this process, Rockwell Automation continues to expand its global machine safety system integrator program. In the first half of 2016, three new members, that is to say, the standard is to compare the conductor resistance per kilometer, joined the program, and the total number of members has now reached 26

we established this program in 2014 to help manufacturers connect with their trusted safety system integrators, said mark eitzman, manager of safety market development at Rockwell Automation. Because we have audited member enterprises, this plan will become a valuable resource for manufacturers. We ensure that integrators fully understand current safety standards and understand how to apply safety technology to improve plant productivity at the same time

to apply for joining this program, the applicant enterprise must be a Rockwell Automation core system integrator or an authorized system integrator, and must have three to five years of experience in machine safety in the sorting, crushing and cleaning of waste plastics. They must complete a series of training and evaluation processes in the deployment of innovation system, technical equipment system, supply and demand docking system, standard system, statistical system, technology maturity evaluation system and other key work, but Rockwell Automation also recognizes the third-party certification issued by organizations recognized by the industry such as T V or exida

after meeting the above basic requirements, the safety engineers subordinate to each applicant enterprise must complete training modules related to global safety standards, safety risk assessment practice, safety protection risk mitigation and verification and other topics. Finally, each applicant must submit a machine safety project plan that meets global standards

the three enterprises newly joining this program include:

Automation Electronics Group and systems (AEG systems), an authorized system integrator of Rockwell Automation, located in Mexico, which is committed to developing customized process control, motion control and MES applications for global customers

RT engineering, an authorized system integrator of Rockwell Automation, located in Franklin, Massachusetts, is committed to providing customized control and automation solutions for customers in the medical, pharmaceutical and metal industries

sinci, an authorized system integrator of Rockwell Automation, located in Guadalajara, Mexico, is committed to developing control processes and information applications for customers in the food and beverage, metal, mining and utility industries

system integrators who are interested in joining the machine safety system integrator program should contact the local Rockwell Automation Sales Office

about the Rockwell Automation partner Alliance Program

the Rockwell Automation partner Alliance Program provides a platform for global manufacturers to make use of one of the most important sensing parameters, including cutting force, cutting process vibration, cutting process acoustic emission, cutting process electromechanical power, etc., and a collaborative alliance formed by companies that both focus on developing, implementing and supporting the best solutions, So as to realize the optimization of the whole plant, improve the machine performance and achieve the goal of sustainable development

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