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The polyurethane industry suffered a cold winter, and the new capacity was untimely

the polyurethane industry suffered a cold winter, and the new capacity was untimely

October 31, 2008

[China paint information should drain the water in the pipe] the global economy declined, and the polyurethane industry suffered a cold winter. However, for all polyurethane enterprises, the established new construction or expansion plans obviously cannot be significantly adjusted due to the economic environment, The new capacity plan of each product is still in progress

looking at the project plan in 2008, MDI: Bayer's 350000 ton unit has been put into operation in Shanghai earlier, while Wanhua's 200000 ton unit in Yantai headquarters and some projects with large bags outside small bags have also been completed; Adipic acid: 140000 tons of Shandong Bohui and Hongye have been put into production. In addition, in addition to these completed investment projects, TDI, polyether, BDO and other projects are under construction or preparation

the new capacity has obviously brought great digestive pressure to the depressed market, and the low operating rate has also become a common experience of these devices at present. "Heroes have no place to play", these new production capacity must be said to be "untimely" in today's market depression

perhaps before formulating the new construction and expansion plan, no one expected that polyurethane, which is in the sunrise industry, would also encounter a cold winter. It was unexpected that the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis would generate such a serious financial black hole, let alone that this financial black hole would devour global economic growth

of course, in the long run, the production of baydur capacity made by new and pultrusion process still has a strong vitality in China's polyurethane market in the future, and China will still grow into the world's largest polyurethane market. Big brands are worth considering by users

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