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Polyurethane industry enters the fast lane, 5g era will pay more attention to personalization

polyurethane industry enters the fast lane, 5g era will pay more attention to personalization

April 25, 2019

emerging polyurethane industry enters the fast lane of development! Since the founding of China 70 years ago, the production capacity of polyurethane products has increased from 11000 tons to 11.3 million tons, from heavy reliance on foreign technology and raw materials to a comprehensive breakthrough in innovative technology, and has become the world's largest polyurethane production and marketing country. Under the background of 5g era, the polyurethane industry is still moving forward and puts forward new development ideas

the development of the industry has entered the fast lane

China's polyurethane industry began in the late 1950s and early 1960s, starting with the production of polyurethane raw materials. In 1958, Dalian Dyestuff Factory took the lead in developing isocyanate (TDI), and built a production unit with an annual output of 500 tons in 1968, creating conditions for the development of polyurethane industry

due to the weak economic foundation, the development of China's polyurethane industry is slow. By 1978, the national production capacity of polyurethane products had reached 11000 tons, and the output was only 5000 tons. In 1982, the production capacity of polyurethane raw materials in China was less than 20000 tons, and the output of products was 7000 tons. After the reform and opening up, China began to introduce foreign advanced technology and devices for TDI production. At the same time, domestic independent research and development has also achieved fruitful results

with the sustained and high-speed development of the national economy after the 1990s, the demand increased rapidly, which further stimulated the development of polyurethane industry whose properties of poly modulus depend on deformation. Until 2000, the annual output of polyurethane products has reached 1.02 million tons; In the 21st century, after more than ten years of research and experience accumulation, polyurethane, as an emerging industry, has gradually entered the fast lane of development. Represented by Yantai wanhuawei, China's polyurethane production enterprises began to make comprehensive breakthroughs in production scale, product types, technical level and other fields, and leading enterprises entered the international stage

at present, China has become the world's largest production base of polyurethane raw materials and the largest production and consumption market of polyurethane products in 2014. According to statistics, the total output of isocyanate chain (TDI, MDI and HDI) reached 3.57 million tons in 2018, and the annual output of polyurethane products reached 11.3 million tons. Its product output, consumption and foreign trade export volume ranked first in the world, providing a good "model" for the rise of the entire plastic industry

how to dance in 5g era

from 1g to 4G, we have seen the innovation of polyurethane industry and the development and rise of polyurethane industry. 5g era has come, how will the industry continue to stand in the forefront? The industry believes that lightweight, intelligent manufacturing, digitalization and environmental protection are the inevitable trends in the development of polyurethane materials. Enterprises will pay more attention to the innovative research and development of new materials, promote personalized and customized services for customers, and achieve a win-win situation with customers

the upper beam and base adopt high-strength precision Zhou Gang

polyurethane is known as the "fifth largest plastic", which is widely used in automotive, consumer electronics, cold chain logistics, construction, shoe materials and other industries. At present, leading enterprises in many sub sectors have made exploration and innovation to varying degrees. For example, BASF has developed and produced e-tpu closed elastic granular foam for bicycle saddles to meet market demand; Covestro also proposed a digital development strategy consisting of creating digital operation process, providing digital customer experience, and establishing a new digital business model

in the new era, the characteristics of customized and personalized services for customers will be more prominent. For example, for the electronics industry, the Estane? SKN series contains a variety of polyester based thermoplastic polyurethane with low precipitation and high transparency, which has excellent aesthetic feeling, impact protection and processing performance. It is specially designed for customers of housing, mobile and electronic equipment. As a leader in the footwear industry, Lubrizol has successfully upgraded to a comprehensive supplier of footwear solutions by virtue of innovative footwear related technologies covering uppers, cushions, soles and assembly processes on the premise of fully understanding the market and customer needs. In addition, Celanese's "customer demand planning" cooperation model and Eastman's "retailers' attention to materials is also an opportunity" are also consistent with the concept of customized services

it can be seen that "innovation" and "development" run through. Promoting innovation involves many aspects, from design to material selection, production to commercialization, which can reflect the power of innovative refrigerator): overload thermal relay (protecting blower and refrigerator overload). Polyurethane will also usher in a new wave of outlets by taking advantage of the wind of the new era. It is hoped that all enterprises will prepare in time and actively respond

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