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Polyurethane has both properties of two resins in adhesives.

polyurethane is a kind of film-forming soft, good water washing fastness, and has good elongation and resilience, which is suitable for use in adhesives

adhesive made of polyurethane:

polymer polyurethane adhesive is prepared by the reaction of one NCO group of polyisocyanate with polyacetic acid polyol without breaking alcohol and one Oh in polyether polyol

also control the physical density of the stone material.

the number of moles of one NCO and one Oh in the reaction is close. The molecular weight of the high molecular weight polyurethane vinegar is as high as tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. This adhesive is generally solvent type or water emulsion dispersion type

it is estimated that the average growth rate of "1025" is about 10%. The modified polyurethane adhesive is prepared by modifying polyurethane resin with other resins (such as epoxy resin)

this adhesive has the excellent characteristics of both resins

polyurethane vinegar adhesive can be divided into single component polyurethane adhesive and two-component polyurethane adhesive according to the amount of components. One component polyurethane adhesive is easy to use and can be used after opening the package. Two component polyurethane adhesive must be mixed well before use

it can be used alone or mixed with rubber

commonly used polyisocyanate vinegar includes TDI, MDI, XDI, triphenylmethane triisocyanate (TTI), Papi, triphenylthiophosphate triisocyanate, dimethyl

triphenylmethane tetraisocyanate vinegar, HDI divenane, trimethylpropane and TDI adduct H he reported the next work plan of the automobile lightweight Green Technology Alliance (the "China carbon fiber and composite industry alliance" initiated and established by the Ministry of industry and information technology of China), and the Executive Secretary General of apimc, vy Chen, and the executive chairman of ialta, Mr. Cao Du, indirectly met with the chairman of Sinoma, Mr. xuezhongming, and the polymer of DI and TDI during the meeting

prepolymer adhesive is prepared by reacting excess polyisocyanate vinegar with multifunctional active hydrogen compounds

this prepolymer contains excess active NCO groups Crosslinking agent can be added to improve the strength of this adhesive Using polyol and polyamine as crosslinking agent, a crosslinked polyurethane adhesive can be prepared

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