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Polyurethane insulation material industry is expected to usher in a period of accelerated development

the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on December 3 to analyze and study the economic work in 2014. The meeting believed that micro policies should be activated, and proposed a series of measures such as taking a new urbanization road and issuing and implementing the national new urbanization plan

the meeting proposed that we should take the road of new urbanization, introduce and implement the national new urbanization plan, implement and improve regional development plans and policies, and enhance the development capacity of underdeveloped areas

when talking about urbanization, Li Yining, a famous economist, said that the citizenization of migrant workers has become the focus of the. The important problem here is the integration of urban and rural areas. Migrant workers have changed and are treated the same as cities, but farmers should continue to exist. Farmers will be a profession, not a body in the future Copies

according to media reports, the national urbanization work conference is about to be held, and the key development direction of new urbanization is intelligence, green and low carbon. Relevant data show that the energy consumption of buildings accounts for about one-third of the total social energy consumption, but the projects that have achieved the green building logo at present only account for about 1% of the high evaluation area of our experimental machines in the national total buildings. Green building is expected to become one of the key development directions of cold urbanization of shipping activities in new Southeast Asia. Previously, the general office of the State Council forwarded documents requiring new urban buildings to strictly implement mandatory energy-saving standards. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, 1billion square meters of new green buildings need to be completed. By the end of 2015, 20% of new urban buildings must meet the requirements of green building standards. The relevant polyurethane insulation material industry is expected to usher in a period of accelerated development

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