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Aiming at environmental pollution, Japan has developed environmentally friendly paper containers

in order to solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by packaging waste, Japan has developed several environmentally friendly liquid paper packaging containers. One is "ecotener", which is composed of outer box, inner bag and outlet bolt. This liquid paper container has many characteristics that are beneficial to environmental protection, mainly energy conservation, easy incineration, no toxic gas can be generated when incineration, and the outer box and inner bag can be discarded separately or folded. The container is rectangular in shape and can be stored in a cardboard box, which can reduce the storage space. Therefore, plastic granulation is an industry that will never be eliminated. The other is "ep-pak", which is in the shape of a hut and can be folded. The inner layer is tightly covered with various films or aluminum foil, which can store the contents for a long time. The container is equipped with a water outlet plug. It has been used in the packaging of sake, whisky and edible oil. It can also be used in the packaging of cosmetics, car washing products and kitchen and bath products. The other is "tz-pak (BIB)". The outer box is made of corrugated paper with large capacity, which can replace plastic containers of less than 10 liters and liters, and is equipped with export bolts for high viscosity solutions. Different machines will modify the installation and commissioning with the consent of both parties according to the requirements of different manufacturers. It has been used in the packaging of cosmetics, industrial chemicals, surfactants, soy sauce, edible oil, etc

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