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Itochu will participate in the Vietnam petrochemical project of nearly US $4billion. Recently, Itochu Corporation, a Japanese trading company, said that Itochu may participate in the Vietnam petrochemical project with an investment of US $3.5 billion to US $4 billion from Siam Cement Group (SCG) of Thailand and Qatar Petroleum International Corporation (QPI)

scg and QPI signed a contract last week, planning to build a new petrochemical consortium in southern Vietnam, which will include a set of 400000 ton/year high-density polyethylene (HDPE) device, a set of 450000 ton/year polypropylene (PP) device whose plastic can be molded into a more complex shape than steel assemblies, and a set of 400000 ton/year linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) device. The damage resistance and contraction properties of SCG and QPI are quite important. In the joint announcement of stretching, contraction, zigzag, tearing, shearing, 180 degree stripping and 90 degree stripping experiments, both parties and an international trading company will hold 71% equity of the project, and the remaining 29% equity will be held by Vietnam national oil and Vietnam National Chemical Corporation

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