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In the cold wind of 10 ℃, Ta stood on the roof and pulled the "wire" with his bare hands for an hour! The truth makes people cry

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at more than 7 o'clock yesterday morning, Mr. Bai, a citizen of Tangxia, saw the interests caused by relaxation when passing through the Longtai intersection of Sili middle road. An auxiliary police officer wearing a reflective vest stood on the roof of a car and pulled up the wire with both hands to let other vehicles pass, so he sent it to the circle of friends to share with you "the most beautiful Sheriff (auxiliary police officer) in Tangxia" and won friends' praise

hold the "wire" with your bare hands

what's the matter

◆ ◆

the thing is like this

◆ when the line fell during the patrol

at about 5:30 yesterday (December 9), most people were still dreaming in bed. Ye Guocai and Zhong Xiaoming, two auxiliary policemen of Daping squadron of Tangxia Branch of Dongguan Public Security Bureau, carried out street patrol as usual. For Zhong Xiaoming, who has only been in office for four months, this is another sleepless night. For ye Guocai, who has been an auxiliary policeman for nearly a decade (an officer with relatively complex corresponding circuits), this is just a very ordinary day in the past decade

when patrolling to the Longtai intersection of Sili Middle Road, in the dim dawn, the two found that a line across the top of Sili middle road fell and almost fell to the ground. The two men then stopped to check. It turned out that it was a multi stranded line, which might have been caught by a passing super-high vehicle and fell down. The two men pulled up the line, fixed it on the roadside pole, and then continued driving patrol

more than half an hour later, when they went back to patrol, they found that there was a traffic jam. When I arrived at the scene, I saw that the line that had just been fixed fell down again. It was across the middle of the road, and the car could pass through from below, but all kinds of school buses, buses and trucks could not pass through

at this time, it was close to 7 a.m. and the morning peak had arrived. This highway connecting Tangxia and Shenzhen, which usually has a large traffic flow, was seriously blocked by vehicles from south to north, and the traffic queues on both sides soon blocked for 1 km

the line was pulled up on the roof of the station for an hour

seeing this, the two immediately reported to the command center of Tangxia public security branch. Since it was difficult for the reinforcements to arrive at the moment, they had to wear nothing at all. After a short discussion, Zhong Xiaoming, 34, drove the car below the line, climbed up the roof of the nearly 3-meter-high van patrol car by climbing the window, and pulled up the large line with both hands to let the vehicle pass. Ye Guocai, 46, steered the traffic on the road and directed the vehicles to pass

Mr. Bai, a citizen, recorded a warm scene

in this way, on the cold December morning, Zhong Xiaoming stood on the roof for an hour, pulling up the line with both hands to let the vehicles to work, school and work pass smoothly. Even if the reinforced colleagues arrived later, he still insisted on the roof and did not let others replace him

it was not until his colleague trimmed the line and informed the relevant communication company to deal with it that he came down from the roof, dragged his tired body, and returned to work with Ye Guo

they protect Tangxia peace

Zhong Xiaoming told that the things in the morning were just an epitome of their daily work. He had encountered similar line falls a while ago, affecting traffic. He also did not hesitate to lift the line until the relevant units went to deal with it. After work this morning, I hurried home to make up for sleep. I didn't know that I had become "red" until I received a call from Tangxia Public Security Bureau

Zhong Xiaoming on the left and ye Guocai on the right

when asked about their feelings, Zhong Xiaoming, who came from the source city of Heru's demand, said shyly, "these are all part of our work. It's the requirements of the Branch Bureau and the brigade to rush to the scene to deal with the police situation at the first time. We have always done this." As a native of Tangxia, ye Guocai said, "since being an auxiliary policeman, it is common to deal with all kinds of disputes and emergencies. It is our duty to protect the safety of Tangxia."

no matter the seasons change, cold and heat

there is always such a group of people silently guarding the lights of thousands of homes

the "hands up" in the cold wind is admirable

let's praise the "most beautiful auxiliary police"

the temperature of a city

because you are warmer

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original title: in the cold wind of 10 ℃, Ta station pulls the "wire" on the roof with bare hands for an hour! The truth makes people cry!!《

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