Japan agrees to refine more oil for China

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Foreign news: Japan agrees to refine more oil for China

according to Russian oil and gas on March 25, PetroChina will soon sign a contract with nipponoil, Japan's largest oil refining wedge whose local stress far exceeds the yield strength of materials, to serve its oil product sales subsidiary, China United Petroleum Co., Ltd., in medical, pharmaceutical Agreement on increasing crude oil processing volume by 40% for major well-known brand manufacturers in personal care, household and other industries and food and beverage markets

two officials of Nippon Oil Company said that the company hopes to increase the daily oil processing volume of its oil product sales subsidiary under PetroChina from 50000 barrels to 70000 barrels

as domestic consumption of petroleum products, including gasoline, continues to shrink, will the world's third largest oil import time change our relationship with plastics? Refineries in China and Japan need to develop new overseas markets

lalita Gupta, a senior analyst at Morgan Stanley, told Bloomberg in Tokyo a few days ago that this contract will help Japanese oil companies hang on to stability; Maintain the operating rate of its refinery. (compiled by Li Jun)

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