Japan became one of the top five waste paper expor

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In 2001, Japan became one of the five major waste paper exporters

by the end of August 2001, the export volume of waste paper in the United States was 6.379 million tons, while that in Japan was 726000 tons, 11.5% of that in the United States. The proportion of 14122 vehicles sold has exceeded 10%. In September, Japan exported 147978 tons of waste paper, 594.5% of the same period in 2000. Among them, the largest amount was exported to Chinese Mainland, reaching 54636 tons, followed by Thailand, reaching 45073 tons. In 2001, the international influence of Japan's plastic machinery industry in China continued to increase, and the export volume of waste paper could exceed 1million tons, becoming the fifth largest waste paper exporter in the world except the United States, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, reaching a position that cannot be ignored. From the past performance, the highest amount of waste paper exported by Japan was in 1998. In that year, the export volume of the United States was 7.364 million tons, and that of Japan was 561000 tons, accounting for 7.6%, while the proportion in 1999 and 2000 was 3.7% and 3.9% respectively in June and July, showing a shrinking state

why did Japan's waste paper exports rise sharply last year? In addition to the recession of Japan's domestic paper industry, the most important thing is Japan's waste recycling. At the same time, the project team has carried out innovative management reform and improvement of laws and regulations, which has greatly increased the amount of waste paper recycling. When the country cannot fully digest it, it can only be exported in large quantities

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