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Packaging and paper company jabida has been listed in Hong Kong for two to four years.

paper packaging tubes can also accept other equipment through RS232 port. It refers to Jinan testing machine factory. Experience in the use of testing machines. Sean Murphy, managing director of Asia of yfyjupiter, a marketing company, revealed to China business on May 6 that the company plans to be listed in Hong Kong this year, The successful listing will help establish a brand in Asia Pacific regions such as China. Professor paulcurtis of Imperial College London and the UK defense science and technology laboratory led a research effect

Shanen made the above statement in an interview during the Establishment Ceremony of jabida brand packaging development center. He did not disclose the financing scale

heyida, chairman of jabida, said that in the past, the packaging and papermaking industry only provided basic packaging and papermaking services to customers. With the economic development, enterprises pay more and more attention to the design of packaging and papermaking at present, which also produces this demand

jabida was founded in San Francisco in 1996 and headquartered in Hong Kong in 2006

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