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Expert: it's too early to reduce domestic oil prices

the international crude oil price has continued to fall since August, and fell below the $60 per barrel mark in the day before yesterday, hitting a new low this year. Experts believe that it is too early to speculate that the domestic fuel oil price will also decline in line with the trend

has effectively enhanced the utilization of phenolic foam in various fields. The current oil price in the country is generally determined by referring to the weighted average price of the market prices in Singapore, New York and Rotterdam last month, plus the corresponding taxes. There is a one month lag between China's oil price and the international oil price

however, in response to the rumor of oil price reduction, Sinopec said that at present, the oil price of Sinopec is equivalent to the international price of about $57-58, which is still lower than the international price, and the overall price is still upside down

Han Xiaoping, vice president of China energy, said that the converted price disclosed by Sinopec is obviously too low, and the tax standard for Chinese residents to use fuel oil is not lower than that in the United States. PetroChina and SINOPEC should spend energy on controlling the international crude oil futures price, rather than directly transferring the cost of rising international crude oil prices to consumers

previously, Zhou Dagui, director of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said that if the international crude oil price is maintained at $60 or less, as much as 1~ there is a big problem in use. 2 as the experimental force increases for months, China may reduce the price of domestic refined oil. But a few days ago, he also said that it is impossible for China to reduce the price of refined oil in the near future

Han Xiaoping said that the current domestic oil price is based on the standard of $70 per barrel in the past, so it is inevitable that the domestic oil price will decline with the international oil price. However, if the domestic oil price decreases, the government may start to levy fuel tax at this point

"under the current oil price, the number of low emission cars in China is still growing rapidly, indicating that residents who buy cars still have a considerable tolerance for oil prices." Han Xiaoping said that the new tax only fills the price gap caused by the reduction of oil prices, which will effectively avoid additional pressure on consumers and reduce the resistance to policy implementation

he further said that if the fuel tax is really imposed, it is unknown whether the actual cost of using fuel plus the fuel tax will be lower than before

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