Italy has strict requirements on packaging to stre

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Italy has strict requirements on packaging in order to strengthen food safety

according to the regulations of the European Union, the Italian government has stipulated that the food sold in stores and various markets must be marked with relevant information, such as the origin of the food, the manufacturer and the raw materials needed to manufacture the products, so as to enhance consumers' recognition of food safety. Xu Xiao, regional manager of canshuangma plastic industry in southern Italy, said: "The industry of this exhibition gathered. At present, the vast majority of temperature and humidity boxes at home and abroad adopt the principle of refrigeration and dehumidification, and the Pania regional government has also made a decision a few days ago that the bread that is paved and retailed in stores and vendors can only be sold after packaging. The production activity beam automatically returns to the original position at high speed. Those who must also mark the production date and the logo of the relevant producer on the packaging paper, otherwise the bread producers and retailers will be punished Fines ranging from 500 euros to 2500 euros

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