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Hebei vigorously promotes air pollution control, eliminating and transforming 6650 coal-fired boilers in 10 months

Hebei Provincial Department of ecological environment revealed on the 8th that the Province vigorously promotes the definition and classification of the universal experimental machine industry for air pollution control, and a total of 6650 coal-fired boilers of all kinds were eliminated and transformed in the first 10 months of 2018. Among them, 6492 coal-fired boilers with 35 steam tons or less and 12744 steam tons will be eliminated; 158 coal-fired boilers with an ultra-low emission of more than 35 steam tons and 12185 steam tons were completed

coal fired boiler control is an important aspect of air pollution control and loose coal control. According to statistics, there are 11197 coal-fired boilers (including all kinds of small coal boilers) in Hebei Province with 52899 steam tons, including 10718 coal-fired boilers with 35 steam tons or less, 19588 steam tons, and 479 coal-fired boilers with more than 35 steam tons, 33311 steam tons. In this regard, the province has formulated a three-year plan for the transformation and upgrading of coal-fired boilers, proposing that by the end of 2020, coal-fired boilers with 35 steam tons and below will be basically eliminated, and the remaining coal-fired boilers with more than 35 steam tons will basically complete the ultra-low emission transformation and plume whitening treatment

according to the introduction, what are the details of installing tensile testing machines in Hebei Province in 2018? 6764 coal-fired boilers with 13482 steam tons will be eliminated, and 3.017 million tons of coal will be reduced. The emission reductions of SO2, NOx, PM2.5 and VOCs will be 2.3, 0.5, 3.4 and 12000 tons/year, and P General Electric Company of Hebei Province will reduce the average annual concentration of M2.5 ceramic matrix composite parts made of silicon carbide fiber by 1.5 μ g/m3。 At the same time, 164 11879 steam ton coal-fired boilers in the province have been upgraded, which can reduce the emissions of SO2, NOx and PM2.5 by 3169, 2492 and 3756 tons, and reduce the annual average concentration of PM2.5 by 0.17 μ g/m3。

it is understood that Hebei Province has also strengthened the overall planning accuracy of changing coal-fired boilers from gas to electricity. Up to now, the eight atmospheric transmission channel cities in the province and Zhangjiakou have all been listed in the national pilot cities for clean heating in winter. In addition, we will deepen the treatment of nitrogen oxides in gas-fired boilers, and propose that by the end of June 2020, the emissions of smoke, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from existing gas-fired boilers will reach 5mg/m3, 10mg/m3 and 30mg/m3, and the new gas-fired boilers will simultaneously meet the relevant emission standards

it is reported that in the next step, the province will issue the local standard for the emission of air pollutants from boilers in Hebei Province, tighten the emission standards for coal-fired boilers and gas, oil and biomass boilers, strengthen law enforcement inspections, and strengthen daily inspections of obsolete coal-fired boilers to prevent re burning

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